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Typical FLXX® Express Septic Service Repair




FLXX® Express Septic Service

FLXX® Express Septic Service offers service and mainteance throughout Colorado.

Our services include:

  • System Maintenance
  • System Repair
  • Effluent Quality Monitoring
  • Inspection Services

    Click here for pricing and to contact our technical representative. You can also reach us by phone @ (303) 442-3207



FLXX® Express Septic Service includes these quality products for our onsite system solutions:

Cast-A-Seal Gaskets - www.press-seal.com
Castings Inc. - www.gici.com
East Jordan Iron Works - www.ejiw.com
FireEnd Dry Hyrdrant Kits - www.fire-end.com
Fluid Dynamics Dosing Siphons - www.siphons.com
Goulds Pumps - www.goulds.com
Hoot® Aerobic Treatment Systems - www.hootsystems.com
Infiltrator Leachfield Chambers -  www.infiltratorsystems.com
Orenco Wastewater Filters - www.orenco.com
PolyLok - www.polylok.com
SJE Rhombus Control Panels & Alarms - www.sjerhombus.com
Sta-Rite Pumps - www.starite.com
TutTite - www.tuf-tite.com
Zabel Valves - www.zabelzone.com


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